Best in Class Tutoring uses a facility called Google Classroom. This can be used to:
  • access thousands of high-quality resources such as practice tests, PowerPoints, worksheets and video links to support extra homework;
  • access classwork and assignments;
  • contact the tutor or other students;
  • to see the availability of sessions via the Google Calendar.
In order to access Google Classrooms via Best in Class Tutoring, you will need to be booked in for sessions. You can do this by contacting me directly via email or telephone. Once you are booked in, you will receive a unique class code to access the classroom via email or text message. Click on the icon below to log into Google Classroom.

Google Classroom
Instructions on how to use GOOGLE classroom.pdf

How do I log into Google Classroom?

Take a look at the videos to explore how to use Google Classroom...